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In previous posts, I showed you where you could get free help with your iPad. Apple has a number of manuals and guides you can access or download. Several of these iPad resources are available in PDF or iBook format. […]

Where to Get Free iPad Tutorials & Product Guides

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A reader of mine had a problem with iBooks book colors being inverted. That is, the background turned black instead of white and the content was white instead of black. This only happened when he was reading in low light. […]

iBooks Colors Inverted – iPad Ambient Light Sensor

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One of my readers recently sent me this request for help: Subject: iPad has jammed Message: I accepted a software update and now my iPad has frozen. please help.   If your iPad or iPhone won’t respond after an iOS update […]

iPad or iPhone Frozen on iOS Update

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A reader named Wayne wrote to me about a problem he was having with App Store updates. The App Store icon shows update. When I open App Store there is no update available. I have done a hard reset and […]

App Store Icon Shows Update But None Available

Apple is expected to announce a new iPad Air 3 tomorrow. If you have an older version of the iPad and are looking to upgrade to the new iPad Air 3, you should consider a trade-in of your old iPad […]

Trade In Your Old iPad for Cash – 10% Bonus ...

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I recently received this request from one of my readers to help fix a problem with Safari. Subject: safari locked Message: when i open safari a page comes up with a gambling site and a notice  “you have one new message […]

Scam Message Disables Safari on iPad or iPhone – Fix