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I recently received this request from one of my readers to help fix a problem with Safari. Subject: safari locked Message: when i open safari a page comes up with a gambling site and a notice  “you have one new message […]

Scam Message Disables Safari on iPad or iPhone – Fix

help key
A few months ago I discovered a site called Noteboom Tutorials. Noteboom offers hundreds of video tutorials for the iPad, iPhone and Mac for one low price. I liked what I saw, so I got in touch with the owner, […]

A Crazy Good Deal on Tutorials for iPad, iPhone & ...

example iPad models
How can you find which iPad or iPhone model you have? Apple offers two helpful websites to identify your device by model number or other details. iPhone Models iPad Models The website allows you to look up […]

How to Identify Which iPad or iPhone Model You Have

calendar page
A few months ago I wrote about solving the problem of missing calendar events from previous months in the Calendar app. Today I received a request for help with a more serious problem. To: Webmaster Name: Kathy Subject: iPad problem […]

How to Fix Missing Calendar Entries on iPad or iPhone

battery charging
In a previous post, I described a simple setup for creating your own USB charging station. Friends visited our home during the holidays and recently asked where they could get a multi-port charger similar to mine. I did a little […]

Set Up a Charging Station for iPhone or iPad – ...

put Control Center away
A short time ago I wrote about how to use the iPad Control Center, a set of convenient controls for your iPad. That article explained how to access and use many of the features and functions found in Control Center. […]

Get Control of the iPad Control Center