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Apple just announced a new iPad model. To celebrate the launch, Gazelle is running a great new iPad trade-in bonus to give you more cash for your old iPad. Now through April 2nd, you can get a 10% trade-in bonus […]

New iPad by Apple, New Trade-in Bonus by Gazelle

illustration of calender with date mark as reminder
Last week my wife and I were compiling tax return information for our accountant. As part of the prep, we wanted to review several events and appointments from 2016, starting in January. My iPhone and iPad are set to sync […]

How to See Old Calendar Entries

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A reader named Glenn recently wrote: I have the icloud extra memory. I have a 16 gig ipad. I maxed out almost a year back and added the icloud extra storage option. It helped but no matter what I am […]

Reduce the Space Photos Use on Your iPad or iPhone

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I was working with a client the other day who wanted to know how to clean up his contact list. That is, he wants to get rid of duplicates and file away old contacts he rarely uses but still wants […]

How to Back Up & Clean Up Your Contact List

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Did you or someone you know recently get an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer? Are you getting or giving an iPad, iPhone or Mac this holiday season? The very best accessory for that iPad, iPhone or Mac doesn’t cost much […]

The Best Accessory for iPad, iPhone & Mac

iPad Tip Sheet November
The latest copy of my iPad Academy Tip Sheet just went out to subscribers. If you don’t subscribe, you missed articles on: • Tips for Traveling with a Wi-Fi Only iPad • Popular Premium Apps Become Free • The Best […]

New iPad Tip Sheet Published