Storybook Apps Inspire No-Code App Creation Tool

A few days ago, I had a wonderful phone conversation with entrepreneur Suzanne Xie. Suzanne is the founder of Hullabalu, a children’s media company with several popular, interactive storybooks on the App Store. The characters and adventures in these children’s storybooks were inspired by events from Suzanne’s childhood.

Suzanne was just a year old when her parents left China for a new life in the United States. Without her. Her grandparents raised her until age 5, when her mother and father could finally manage to have her come live with them. Suzanne appreciated the sacrifices her parents made and the positive values they instilled in her. She captured many of these life lessons in the engaging children’s apps she published through Hullabalu on the App Store.

The platform Suzanne used to create these interactive storybooks became Lightwell. Lightwell is an end-to-end tool that empowers creatives everywhere to turn digital assets into engaging native story and game apps without coding (or a developer).
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Learn more about Lightwell features, pricing and resources at the site. You’ll also find product guides, links to spotlight artists who used Lightwell to build and launch their first apps, a free trial offer and special pricing for educators.

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