How to Use the iPad with a SMART Board – Connecting the iPad and SMART Board

As you know, I offer professional development sessions to help others become more efficient and effective with the iPad. (I’d be happy to talk to you about working with your staff). Many of the groups I work with are composed of teachers and school personnel. Faculty development on the iPad is one of my favorite professional activities. Yesterday I worked with a great group of some 30 teachers at a local school. One of the questions I got following the workshop concerned how to use the iPad with a SMART Board.

Here are two ways you can use your iPad with the SMART Board. Please note that only the iPad 2 model has full video mirroring, allowing you to project whatever is on the iPad screen. The original iPad only projects from apps that support video out.

1. Using the projector that’s part of the SMART Board setup
In this case, you are simply connecting the iPad to the SMART Board VGA connector just like you would to any other VGA projector. You aren’t using the computer that runs the SMART Board software and the SMART Board isn’t interactive. You are simply using the SMART Board whiteboard surface as a projection screen.

You’ll need Apple’s VGA Adapter, $29.00. This adapter can be used with any computer projector or monitor that has a VGA connector, the most common connector found on computer monitors or projectors.

Connect the VGA adapter to your iPad and then connect the VGA cable going to the SMART Board to the VGA adapter. Then power up the SMART Board projector to see the iPad screen on the whiteboard surface.

2. Using the iPad to remotely control the computer connected to the SMART Board
In this scenario, you use an iPad app to wirelessly see and interact with the computer that’s connected to the SMART Board running the SMART Board software. Two good programs for this are:

Doceri Remote

Splashtop Remote Desktop

You can then use the SMART Board and software from anywhere in the room by navigating with the iPad. You can also hand off the iPad to a student or participant so he or she can interact with the content.

For more on using your iPad with a SMART Board see this discussion.

For more on replacing expensive interactive whiteboards with an iPad and the apps mentioned above, see this post. The post specifically addresses Doceri, but the Splashtop app could be used in the same way.

iPad + Computer + Projector + Doceri = Interactive Whiteboard System for $50

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