Using Two Different Apple IDs (iTunes Accounts) on One Device

A teacher wrote to me recently about apps for the school iPads in her classroom and changing the Apple ID.

teacher change in classroom with iPads

I’m hoping you can help me out. I recently moved to teaching a new
grade and classroom. With this I have 5 ipads with numerous apps. The
apps are under the previous teachers school ID. The previous teacher
is no longer in the school. I’m concerned about losing the
apps and having a blank slate then having to start from scratch.

Here is my reply and more information for those who want to use two accounts with one iPad:

You can sign out of the current account and then sign in with a new Apple ID (iTunes account). The apps will remain on the iPad. However, none of them will update because you are now using a different account (Apple ID). To be able to update the apps, you’ll need to know the Apple ID password for the previous teacher.

To set up a new Apple ID

You can now see that for small numbers of iPads owned by the school, the teacher should use an ID that “belongs” to the iPads, not the teacher.

You can use two iTunes accounts, but only one can be logged in to the store at a time. Purchases (free or paid) will be made against the current account. Updates will request the password from the account that purchased the app. Here’s more information on how to change the Apple ID on your iPad so you can switch between accounts.

You can learn much more about using older iPads in my

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