iPad Video Tutorial: How to Move Apps from One Screen to Another on the iPad

I’ve written before about arranging apps on your iPad and arranging apps and creating folders within iTunes. I recently got this question from reader Farah through the blog:

I’m having a problem dragging apps on my ipad from one page to the
next..the 2 last pages on my ipad only have a couple apps each so i
want to slide them from one page to the next.

Moving apps from one screen to another on the iPad can be tricky. This excerpt from one of the video lessons in my iPad Academy Master Class series shows you how. Video quality inside my Master Class is better. Conversion for YouTube distribution degrades the video, but you’ll see the technique needed to move an app.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Video Tutorial: How to Move Apps from One Screen to Another on the iPad

  • marcee cook

    I am having a problem with my ipad creating another page for my new apps. I have 11 pages and plenty of space (64g) but the ipad is not creating a new page so when I download a new app it doesn’t show up on my I pad. I would welcome any suggestions.

    • Andy Brovey Post author

      You can only have 11 screens of apps on your iPad. If all the screens are full of apps, you cannot add any more. You can organize apps into folders to create more space. Apps you’ve installed but don’t see should then begin showing up.

      If I didn’t read your question correctly Marcee, please write back and we’ll sort this out.

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