iPad Tips, Tutorials and How To: Traveling, AirPlay, Reset, GarageBand

Time for another reading roundup, where I highlight helpful iPad articles I’ve recently added to my reading list. In this collection you’ll find tips on using your iPad when traveling, getting AirPlay to work with apps on the iPad, resetting your Apple ID and using GarageBand on the iPad to make a podcast.

Nik Rawlinson and Susie Ochs from Mac|Life tell you
How to Turn Your iOS Device into a Traveling Companion

Ben Reid over at Redmond Pie shows us
How To Make Airplay Work With Just About Any App On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

J.R. Bookwalter at Mac|Life explains
How to Reset Your Apple ID

Adam Williams from AppStorm talks about
Making a Podcast with GarageBand for the iPad

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7 thoughts on “iPad Tips, Tutorials and How To: Traveling, AirPlay, Reset, GarageBand

  • Guler

    My 400 photos multiplied to 1’700 during the transfer from my pc to I pad. So on the slide show I see the same photo sometimes 20 times

    Please help to get rid of the doubles,triples etc………

    Thanks in advance


    • Andy Brovey Post author

      Connect iPad to computer. Select the Photos tab in iTunes. Uncheck Sync Photos. Confirm you want to Remove Photos from the iPad. Then sync. All photos should now be gone from iPad. Return to iTunes and choose Selected Albums, Events, etc. . Then check off the Albums or Events you want. Then Apply. See my earlier reply to Sandy for more on this.

  • Jim

    New to ipad….Heard good things about this site…looking forward to exploring tips and insights.

  • Sandy Brown Jensen

    When synced my iPad 2 with my Mac, all 4000+ photos loaded onto it! What’s the best method for getting rid of so many (please don’t say one at a time!)and for making sure that doesn’t happen again?

    • Andy Brovey Post author


      When your iPad is connected to your Mac, you can choose which photo collections (albums) to copy to your iPad. Look for the “Photos” tab near the top of the page. It is the last tab on the right. From there you can choose which photo collections you want to sync to your iPad. Select only the ones you want, then sync.


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