Tip Sheet Ends but iPad Academy Continues

Almost 7 years. That’s how long I’ve been creating and sharing information about the iPad and apps through iPad Academy. For most of that time I also published the iPad Tip Sheet, emailing you tips and techniques to help you make the most of your iPad. I know many of you have subscribed for years, and for that I thank you! There is a cost and work involved to maintain the mailing list as well as compose and deliver the content. I’ve decided to end publication of the Tip Sheet and make Tip Sheet type content available through the iPad Academy website, where this kind of sharing originally began.

My iPad Tip Sheet generally contained 3 or 4 articles with useful tips and helpful tutorials. You’ll find similar articles right here every month. Each Tip Sheet also contained 8 to 10 recent tweets pointing you to more how-to tips and articles. I’ve already added a tweet list to iPad Academy so you can have easy access there. I’ll update this list for you regularly. Look for it in the right sidebar on iPad Academy —>.

This list of Twitter feeds is from Teach About Tech, a new site where teachers can easily share STEM and STEAM resources. Teach About Tech is like Etsy, except the “crafts” offered are teaching and training materials. Or you can think of it as Teachers Pay Teachers for STEM and STEAM. I’ve spent two years developing and creating Teach About Tech and I’ll be investing more of my professional time there to make it a valuable resource. I invite you to visit https://teachabouttech.com and tell me how my new site can serve you better. Send your comments and suggestions via the Contact link you’ll find there.

Whether you are a recent Tip Sheet subscriber or a veteran reader, thank you for your interest! I hope you continue to visit iPad Academy. I also hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out Teach About Tech and tell me how it can best meet your needs.

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