How to Improve Privacy on Your iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, you’ll find settings for Privacy and Location Services. In Privacy settings you can select which apps have access to hardware such as your camera or microphone. Location Services allows apps on your device to determine and use your approximate location.

Go to Settings > Privacy
I’ll deal with Location Services in just a minute. For now, check the list under Location Services. This is where you can limit access to certain Apple apps or hardware on your device. Start with Contacts, Photos, Microphone and Camera. Check each one. You may be surprised to see how many apps have permission to access to these items. To turn off access for a particular app, just flick the button to the left.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
You can turn Location Services off completely, but I don’t recommend this. You will want apps such as Maps and Waze to use location services for navigation. Instead, choose which applications can use your location. (Note that “Share My Location” is generally off and I’m not addressing that here).
Scroll down the list of apps. You’ll see the permission setting for each one – Never or While Using. To change the setting, tap on the app name. Then simply tap your choice. You’ll see a checkmark for the setting you selected. If you find later that your choice compromises the functionality of the app, you can always go back and change the setting.

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