iPad Tip: Safari Home Page – How To Make Safari Open to A Blank Page

Make Safari open to a new page whenever you begin a new session of web browsing. Here’s how to set a blank “home page” in the Safari web browser.

Launch Safari
Type about:blank in the web address field
Tap Go to open a blank page
Tap the share icon (box with arrow)
Tap Add to Home Screen to create a web clip
Give this web clip a name such as Home Page or New Page
Tap Add
A web clip (home screen bookmark icon) is created
Place the web clip wherever you want (here’s how)

Now whenever you want Safari to open to a new page, just tap this web clip icon you created. Safari will open to a blank page.

About Andy Brovey

Dr. Andy Brovey, The Portable Prof, teaches about digital tools through his work, websites and social media. In 2007, Apple Inc. recognized his work and named him an Apple Distinguished Educator. He started this iPad Academy website shortly after the first iPad went on sale. On his Freelance Teaching site you'll find the resources you need to teach like a smart entrepreneur.

2 thoughts on “iPad Tip: Safari Home Page – How To Make Safari Open to A Blank Page

  • Nancy

    Dr. Brovey,
    As a participant in your first Ipad MC, I am excited to read that so many have taken advantage of your excellent Ipad tutorials. Congratulations!

    Would you address the issue of security for the Ipad? As a Windows user security is always at the top of my list. I have nothing protecting my Ipad. Is there such an animal? Am I open to viruses, malware and spyware?

    As always, I appreciate your time in responding.

    • Andy Brovey Post author

      Hi Nancy! Good to hear from you again. Thanks for being a member of the very first iPad Academy Master Class!
      I understand your concern as a Windows user. One of the reasons I recommend Apple computers is not having to worry about malware threats. Very few exist and those that do are primarily caused by tricking a user into clicking on a bad link or downloading an infected file. So with just a bit of common sense and caution, your Mac easily remains safe. Now on to your question about the iPad.
      There are those who complain about Apple’s tight control of the iOS and the App Store. However, these measures ensure that Apple’s mobile technology system of hardware, software and services results in a sastisfying and safe experience for the end user. The Apple ecosystem offers a worry free, easy-to-use mobile computing platform, including virtually no threat from malware of any kind. So you can rest easy with the iPad. Protection is built in for you.

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