App Demo Sampler – Free, Free Trial and Ad Supported Apps for iPad Demostration

As someone who helps others learn about the iPad, I’m always looking for iPad apps to add to my demo collection. Here are a few I’ve been playing with recently. All are free, free trial or ad supported.

BrainPOP Featured Movie
Features educational animated videos. A new video every day.

PBS for iPad
Videos, programs, previews and news content from PBS.

MagCloud Magazine Reader
Shows what a magazine store might look like on the iPad. Niche topics mostly.

Music recognition app. Listens to music playing and identifies the song, artist and album. Compare to the similar Shazam.

Multimedia content from the space agency.

Musical geometry. Create sound patterns with bouncing balls and drawn lines.

App is called Windowshop. Shop Amazon from the iPad.

Apple Store
Not a native iPad app, but fast access to the Apple Store. Should be an iPad version soon.

Hmm…seems the holiday hype is beginning to influence my choices. What apps have you downloaded lately that you would recommend as examples for the iPad?

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