Another Way to Quickly Delete Photos from Your iPad (Mac Only)

A short time ago I replied to questions about removing or deleting photos from your iPad. See this post and the comments on this one. Here’s another way to manage the photos on your iPad using a little known application on your Mac. The program is called Image Capture and you can find it in your Applications folder.

1. Start Image Capture
2. Connect you iPad to your Mac
3. Image Capture sees your iPad as a connected camera
4. Click on the first photo you want to delete
5. Select additional photos using Command-Click
6. Select a range (series) of photos by clicking on the first one, then Shift-Click the last one
7. To delete all the photos on your iPad, choose Edit > Select All
8. Look for the red circle with the line through it near the bottom of the window
9. Click the red circle icon and confirm the deletion

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    • Andy Brovey Post author

      Unfortunately, you can’t easily move photos between albums on the iPad. You’ll need to manage album contents on your computer and then sync.

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