Charging station
We’re a household with several Apple mobile devices. We use a charging station in a corner of our kitchen counter to keep our iPhone and iPad batteries charged and ready to go. My setup is simple. I used an old […]

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put Control Center away
Control Center gives you quick, convenient access to several settings on your iPad. You’ll find controls for audio, wireless options, do not disturb (DND), rotation lock and brightness, as well as handy buttons for the timer, camera and AirDrop. You’ll […]

iPad Control Center – Quick & Convenient Access to Common ...   Recently updated !

Apples’s iOS 8 added a number of useful features. One of those is the ability to automatically “transfer” a call to your iPad from your iPhone. That is, your iPad “rings” when you get a call on your iPhone if […]

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Battery usage iPad
You can see which of your apps are using the most battery power. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You can see which apps have used the most energy in the past 24 hours and the […]

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