iPad Tutorial: How to Create, Arrange & Delete Bookmark Folders in Safari

Written by Andy Brovey

Topics: App Tips & Tutorials

1. Tap the Bookmarks button (open book icon) in the Safari menubar in the upper left

2. Tap the Edit button

Safari bookmark folders

3. Tap the New Folder button on the upper left

Safari bookmark folder

4. Enter the title of the new folder

Safari bookmark folders

5. Tap the Bookmarks button, then tap Done. Your folder will appear in the list of bookmarks.
6. You can also change the order of folders or delete a folder while in Edit mode
7. To rearrange the folder list or move a folder to another place in the list, touch and hold on the grip strip (3 horizontal lines) just after the folder name. Now slide the grip strip with the folder name up or down the list to change the order.

Safari bookmark folders arrange

8. To delete a folder, tap the red minus button and confirm by tapping delete

Safari bookmark folders delete

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