Senior Citizen Uses iPad to Catch Thief

Local deputies recently arrested a couple who stole an elderly woman’s purse, thanks to help from the tech-savvy senior. The woman was shopping at a Publix supermarket when a man asked her help to get a serving of soup at the deli, claiming a broken finger. While the woman poured the soup, the man took her purse from her shopping cart and left the store. Shortly after, our good samaritan discovered the theft. Investigators found video footage of the thief on security cameras, but by then he was gone.

The woman’s purse contained a wallet, miscellaneous other items, and her iPhone. This clever senior used Find My iPhone on her iPad to track the location of her phone, tracing it to a local motel where investigators found and arrested the thief and his wife. Each of them face a felony charge of theft from a person 65 or older.

You can learn more about find my iPhone / iPad at Find my iPhone .

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