iPad Tip: Keep the iOS of Your iPad Updated, Get New Features for Free

Apple’s operating system for mobile devices is known as the iOS and runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Apple releases free minor and major iOS updates. These new versions of the iOS offer improvements or add new capabilities at no cost to the end user. Apple also includes a number of free apps on the iPad and these too are regularly updated to fix minor bugs, improve performance or add new functions.

The Safari app, the web browser on your iPad, is a good example. Like many apps, the Safari app includes an action icon (box with arrow).

action menu button

This button allows you to perform additional activities with the app content. For example, you can share it, send it or save it. Here is the list of choices you find under the action icon in older versions of Safari. This list of choices is sometimes called the sharing menu.

safari action menu items

Here are the menu selections available in the latest version of the Safari app, released with the iOS 6 update.

safari app action icon selections

Keeping your operating system up-to-date is a free and easy way to add new capabilities to your iPad. Apple has directions for updating the iOS of your iPad and other mobile devices on their support site.

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