iPad Tip: Using Video Adapters & Cables With an HDTV or Projector

A colleague recently wrote about a problem with using iPad adapters for connecting to an HDTV or a projector. The HDTV uses an HDMI adapter and the projector uses a VGA adapter. An adapter and cable combination allows some freedom of movement, at least as far as the length of the cable. An Apple TV device eliminates this problem by allowing you to connect without a cable to the projection or display device. But if you prefer to use a cable, here are a few tips that may help.

I’m a bit reluctant to have it tethered to the TV by a HDMI cable … when we did that in the “early” days of the iPad, the !@#%$#@@^ thing used to fall out in the middle of the presentation.

That disconnect wil continue to be a problem. I find the Lightning adapters have a tighter fit. However, a lightweight HDMI cable will help by putting less strain on the 30 pin Digital AV Adapter. I travel with this cable from Monoprice – http://tinyurl.com/cb5fouk Other lengths available. They also have a slim series VGA. Great with the iPad VGA adapter.

I also pack a small, cheap plastic clip. This mounts in a corner of one case or attaches to the handstrap on the back of another. I feed the drooping cable through it to take the pressure off the connector. I’ve also used the clip from a name tag.

You may get a “this device is not supported message” when you first connect. Ignore it. My setup works fine. Just give the HDTV a minute to find the iPad signal.

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