iPad Tip: How to Quit or End An App That’s Stuck or Stalled

Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead an iPad session for a local class of 9th graders. These students attend a school where I’m helping to support a 1:1 iPad project, where all teachers and students will receive an iPad for teaching and learning. During the session, one of the students showed me that the app Mobicip was stuck. Mobicip is a browser app we installed to help filter Internet content (with Safari being disabled through Settings). Whenever she returned to the app, the same screen appeared and she couldn’t go on. We determined the app stalled while she was on a different Wi-Fi network. Now the app wouldn’t work on the school network even though she was connected to it.

Most times, the solution to an app that’s stuck or stalled is a simple one. Use fast app switching. Open the fast app switcher, touch and hold on the offending app until it (and others) start to shake and delete icons appear. You’re now in edit mode. If the problem app isn’t there, tap on another app and then return to the fast app switcher.

Tap the delete icon – the red badge with the minus sign – to end or quit the misbehaving app. Don’t worry, this does not delete the app from your iPad. Now close the fast app switcher by tapping the screen and then restart the app.

fast app switcher delete

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Wondering if you need to clean up (delete) all those apps running in the background?
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