iPad News & How-To: iPad Research, Productivity Applications, PDF Annotation

As I mentioned in a recent post, one of my favorite tools is Instapaper, which I use to collect articles I want to read later. Here are a few recent iPad articles I’ve added to my collection.

Brennan Browne describes the results of research on tablet computing and how consumers are using them in Five Lessons from a Year of Tablet UX Research.

Staying with the research theme for a moment, the Economist takes a look at why those tiny programs called apps are so popular and how the app marketplace has grown in Apps on Tap.

Daniel P. Dern, writing for ReadWriteWeb, recently posted a two-part series on the iPad as a Notebook Alternative. Part one and Part two.

Want more suggestions for productivity apps for your iPad? Then see the article 30 Useful iPad Apps For Business & Presentation.

Over at Mac|Life, J Keirn-Swanson reviews three popular iPad apps for PDF annotation in App Showdown: PDF Annotators. As I wrote a few days ago, my favorite is GoodReader.

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