iPad Camera App Tip: Quickly Check Your Pictures or Videos During a Shoot

20111221-093757.jpg The holiday season is a time for sharing good times with family and friends. Photos and videos help us to relive and remember those good times. You can use the camera on your iPad 2 to capture those moments and memories.

The digital still camera on the iPad 2 suffers from poor resolution, but with good lighting you can take acceptable pictures. The (rear-facing) video camera is high quality HD at 720p. The picture or video you’ve just taken is stored in the Camera Roll, a special album inside the Photos app. But there’s no need to leave the Camera app to get to the Camera Roll. Photos and video “drop into” the Camera Roll right after you take them. You can easily access the Camera Roll album in the lower left corner while still in the Camera app.

Tap the thumbnail (miniature view) of the picture or video to open the Camera Roll. You can swipe from left to right to see previous photos or videos. When you’re ready to return to the Camera app, tap once on the screen. Then tap the blue Done button in the upper right. You’re now ready to take more photos or record more video.

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