iPad Calendar Fix: Find Missing Events & Appointments from Previous Months

I received this email today about a problem with the iPad Calendar:

Dr. Brovey,
I was needing to refresh my memory about a previous item I had listed
on my calendar several months ago. When I returned to that month it
was blank. I started looking and all previous months are blank and a
search brought up zero. I rely heavily on my calendar. Can you shed
some light on what happened to all my info. ? Does the calendar only
store info for the current month?
As always, thanks for your website and newletters, always great info.

Here’s the fix:

Go to Settings
Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
Scroll down in the right column to the Calendars section
Under Calendars, Sync shows “Events 1 month back”
Tap Sync and change so more months are included

screenshot calendar sync

Wait a few minutes
Events & appointments from the past should now appear on your calendar

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