iOS 8 Update – What’s New, What’s Not, What’s Worth Waiting For

I’ve been invited to lead an introductory discussion of iOS 8 for members of the Naples MacFriends User Group (NMUG). I’ve been researching and reading print and online articles in preparation for this discussion. Here’s a list of resources you’ll find helpful as you make the decision to upgrade to iOS 8. These websites and articles address features, benefits and concerns regarding this new mobile operating system, including whether to stay with the previous version of Apple’s iOS (iOS 7.1.2) for older devices such as the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

Apple iOS 8
iOS 8 – What’s New
iPad User Guides – iOS 8

Comprehensive Review
iOS 8, thoroughly reviewed | Ars Technica

Upgrading and Installing
How to upgrade to iOS 8 (and downgrade to iOS 7 if you regret it) | Macworld UK
The Most Common iOS 8 Upgrade Problems and Solutions | iMobie
A slide into obsolescence: iOS 8 on the iPad 2 | Ars Technica
Last Chance for iOS 8 Downgrade to iOS 7 | gottabemobile
How to install iOS 8 without deleting anything on iPhone, iPad | Tech Times
Upgrading to iOS 8 on an Old Phone? Prepare for Trouble, but Do It Anyway |

Features and Tips
15 Insanely Great Tricks to Master Apple’s iOS 8 | Wired
iOS 8 Tips and tricks: See what your iPhone and iPad can do now | Pocket Lint
12 iOS 8 features you’ll want to use | Computerworld

Before you update to iOS 8, please read this warning from Tom’s Guide

Finally, there’s iCloud Drive, a cloud storage system that replaces Apple’s current iCloud document syncing, but provides an actual file system, a la Dropbox. Note that iCloud Drive is not supported by the current version of OS X; if you rely on syncing documents or app data with your Mac via iCloud, do not activate iCloud Drive once you’ve updated to iOS 8. OS X Yosemite’s release, coming later this fall, will add support for the new system. Users of Windows machines, or those who only use iOS devices, should be able to activate the feature without any concern.

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