How to Send Multiple Email Attachments from Your iPad or iPhone

I recently received this question from one of my readers:

I have managed to send an email with 1 attachment. My problem is that I need to send an email with 2 different attachments (1 photograph and 1 survey). I don’t suppose there is a way to do this, is there?

You can send more than one file as an attachment to an email message on your iPad or iPhone. Here’s how:

Create the email as usual with the document as the first attachment.
Tap the home button and go to your photos (Photos app). Don’t worry, the draft email will be there when you return to it.
Find the photo you want to include in the email. Touch and hold near the center of the photo. You’ll see the option to copy the photo. Tap copy.
Return to your email message in the app where you began composing it.
Touch and hold in the body of the email where you want to paste the photo. Tap paste.
Both the document and the photo are attached to the email message.

You can add additional photos the same way by copying and pasting.

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