How to Power Down the iPad: Turn the iPad Off or Put It to Sleep?

A member of my Master Class recently sent me a question about turning the iPad on and off. Here’s an edited version of our exchange.

Message: Hi, I turn off my iPad with the slide bar. Then go to turn it back on with the slide bar. The passcode comes up but when I go to type my numbers in it will not accept them. So I touch the off button and then turn it back on then the slide bar will come up again and then it accepts my passcode numbers. Can you tell me how to fix this?

shut iPad off

You don’t need to turn off your iPad with “slide to power off.” Your iPad uses very little power when asleep. So I suggest you put your iPad to sleep instead of turning it off. This is also more convenient than shutting down and then having to restart it every time. Just use the sleep/wake button. Press once rather than holding it down. Or if you have an iPad case with “smart cover” technology, simply close it. This will put the iPad to sleep. Opening the cover will wake it. Apple has a patent on this “smart cover” technology but a number of iPad case and cover manufacturers now use it.

iPad Sleep Wake switch

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