Choosing a Stylus for Your iPad – Tips & Recommendations

I was recently asked to recommend a good stylus for the iPad. Here are a few recommendations based on personal experience and a bit of research. I looked for a popular stylus with a selling price between $10 and $30. You need to spend more than a few dollars to get a decent model. Go for a nib (rubber tip) rather than foam. You can also find models that include a pen for taking notes or drawing doodles the old fashioned way. Note that with most combo models the pen cap doesn’t fit over the stylus end. This makes it easy to lose the pen cap. If you have a screen protector on your iPad, test the model you want with the screen protector. Not all stylus/screen protector combinations work well.

I’ve included links to online vendors with suggested prices. You may also be able to find these locally at a store near you.

Griffin  $15 – 20

Targus  $15 – 20
2-in-1 with pen $25 – 30

Kensington Touch Screen Stylus/Pen  $20

Wacom Bamboo Stylus $30

Adonit Jot $20 – 25
Has a disc tip instead of a nib

SGP Kuel H12 $20
Similar to a pen with a retractable tip.

Studio Neat Cosmonaut $20 – 25
Shaped like a dry erase marker and shaft is rubber coated. Should be more durable and a good stylus choice for children.

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