App Collections

My previous post addressed using the iPad to replace history textbook content. The Toronto version of offers recommendations for history apps for the iPad. The article doesn’t include links, so I’ve listed them here. Prices range from 99 cents for the […]

Suggestions for History Apps for the iPad

The website Art of the iPhone has a recently updated list of free iPad apps. You may not agree with all the choices, but I found a few to add to my collection.

50 Free iPad Apps

Connie L. Bauer, Ph.D., has a new site focusing on iPad Apps for Instructors & Students. Categories of apps are Classroom, Create/Edit, View/Store Files, eBook Readers, Social Networking, Utilities, Web, and Miscellaneous. While at the site, you can also visit her “About Me” page, where she describes using […]

iPad Apps for Instructors and Students

Acalanes Union High School District in California offers a table of 71 iPad Apps for education culled from the Apps Store. Each listing includes a suggested subject area, brief description, link to the iTunes Store and cost.

List of iPad Apps for the Classroom