Alternatives to the Apple iPad Case

When I pre-ordered my iPad, I also purchased the Apple case. Our good friend Julie just ordered her iPad. (Way to go Julie!) She called to ask my advice on items related to her purchase and one of those was a recommendation for a case. I did a bit of research on alternatives to the Apple case and thought I’d share my results with you. I prefer folio style cases and Apple makes a fine folio style case. However, there are now others worth considering. Your case is a personal choice, but here are few I’d consider as alternatives to my Apple case.

ZooGue Smart Case (good point – versatile; not so good – that big logo on the outside)
sample review
Tuff-Luv Multi View Leather iPad Case And Stand (good point – versatile, multiple angle settings; not so good – a little bulky, top corners of iPad exposed)
sample review
Incase Convertible Book Jacket (good point – multiple angle settings; not so good – iPad may shift a bit in the case)
CTCstore brand is a close copy
sample review
Marware Eco-Vue case for the iPad (good point – rich looking; not so good – a little bulky)
sample review

iLounge has a comprehensive guide to iPad protection. To see a collection of various types of cases, try ipadcasefinder. You could look for a few you’d like at this site and then do a google search for reviews on those cases. Amazon carries a large number of iPad cases, as do a number other online retailers.

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