iPad Academy: The Short Version

A place for you to learn about using the iPad, apps and accessories, led by a teacher who’s been helping others to make sense and make use of technology for more than 25 years.

iPad Academy: The Longer Version

iPad Academy was formed as the result of two momentous events. A major career change (see below) and the release of Apple’s iPad. For the first time in my long career in educational technology, I had the opportunity to be in the the vanguard for a new Apple product. Apple’s tablet offers a powerful combination of form, function and flexibility. iPad Academy will help you transform the potential of the iPad into a practical and purposeful tool.

You’ll find tutorials, tips, training and how to articles on the iPad. You’ll discover productive apps, practical applications and useful accessories. iPad Academy is for anyone who wants to improve their iPad knowledge and skills. As you learn, I hope you’ll also find ways to share that knowledge and skill with others.

Inside iPad Academy you’ll find:

  • iPad tips, techniques and tutorials
  • how-to articles on the iPad
  • a search form to look for topics of interest
  • knowledge to improve your iPad IQ
  • links to valuable iPad sites and resources
  • conversations on iPad topics and tools
  • information on iPad apps and accessories
  • products to make your iPad more functional and more fun

Now you know the purpose and benefits of iPad Academy, what you’ll gain by being a regular visitor. I’ll offer you real value in exchange for your time, participation, feedback and feedforward to those in your social network. If you enjoy the free resources, perhaps you’ll sample the premium offerings or other products and services you find on the site. Starting and running iPad Academy in 2010 and watching the audience grow has been very rewarding. Nearly 100,000 iPad owners visit the website every month! That popularity has attracted imitators, but don’t be fooled. This is the original iPad Academy.

iPad Academy has no entrance requirements, no tests and no grades. Dress however you want or not at all. Attend whenever it’s convenient, as often or as long as you wish. You can learn as much or as little as you like. Though I think you’ll learn quite a lot.


About The Author – The Portable Prof™

Formal Introduction
Dr. Andrew J. Brovey
The Portable Prof™
Founder & Director
iPad Academy

Informal Introduction
I’m Andy Brovey and The Portable Prof™ is my professional brand. A few years ago, I resigned from a tenured faculty position. No kidding. A few of my university colleagues are still trying to figure that one out. To answer your next question… I chose to leave. I wanted to pursue my passion for helping others make sense and make use of digital tools, beyond the formal courses and fuss of the typical faculty position.

I’m now a “freelance professor of technology.” The world’s first and only such prof, at least as far as I can tell from Google. I offer lively learning, engaging presentations, professional development and personal support to educators, trainers, entrepreneurs and other adult learners. On site and online. This website, my Twitter feed and my video lessons iPad Basics are all part of that effort.
I’ve led sessions in classrooms and virtual spaces, courses and workshops, conferences and conference rooms. I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching educators at all levels, from kindergarten to university. I owe them all a debt of thanks. They helped sharpen my teaching skills while I improved their technology skills.

In 2007, I was honored to be named an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). ADEs are a global community of education leaders recognized for doing great work with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. The Portable Prof brand originated in an exercise at an ADE Summer Institute on defining our professional roles. ADE Institutes and my connections with ADE colleagues are among the best professional development experiences of my career. I was the first ADE with a book in Apple’s iBooks Store, entitled iPad Academy: Tips, Tricks and Clever Techniques (no surprise there). Though now there are many more (and more current) technology guides in the iBooks Store.

I hope as we get together online we can follow this simple principle:

We should share what we know with humility and what we believe with civility.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you’ll be a regular visitor to iPad Academy.

All the best!


Full disclosure: In addition to being an ADE, my wife and I own a few dozen shares of Apple stock. I hope one day the profit equals what I’ve spent on Apple technology. That could take a while.

updated October 2014