How to Add New Albums in the Photos App on the iPad & Add Photos to the Album

Written by Andy Brovey

Topics: iPad Tips & Tutorials

UPDATED 04/2014

A student in my online Master Class recently asked how to add an album in the Photos app on the iPad and move photos to a new album. The same question recently came up in one of my on site workshops. Here are directions.

To add a new album on the iPad:
Go to Photos > Tap Albums > Tap Edit >.
Tap the + symbol in the upper left to add a new album.
Give the album a title and tap Save.

To copy pictures to an existing or new album:

  • select the album you want to copy the pictures from
  • tap the Select button in the upper right
  • tap the pictures you want to move (blue checkmarks)
  • tap the Add To… button

You can add these to an existing album or add to a new album

You can only copy photos to albums you’ve created on the iPad, not to albums that were synced from your computer. Those albums will be greyed out. You also can’t move photos to the Camera Roll. That’s reserved for use by the iOS for taking pictures, videos and screen shots with the iPad.

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  1. Ryan Shetler says:

    Do you have anything on Apple Configurator? I know how to log in and do basic things but I want to make a 1st grade folder with their apps, 2nd grade folder with their apps. When I add new apps I want configurator to put the new apps in the folder that already exists. I can restore and get this done but then I loose all the pictures on the ipads and 30 people sharing icloud doesn’t work. Thanks.