Multitasking – Do You Need to Quit Apps on Your iPad? Sound Advice from a Pro.

Written by Andy Brovey

Topics: iPad Tips & Tutorials

I’ve written about Fraser Speirs and his work six times since starting the iPad Academy blog, including meeting with him and two informative interviews about his work. Fraser is a pioneer with iPads in education, fellow Apple Distinguished Educator, and one smart guy.

During my introductory iPad workshops, I cover fast app switching and multitasking on the iPad. I’m often asked and always address whether you need to stop all those apps you find on the multitasking bar. My answer is you don’t need to end these recently used apps. The exception would be an app such as Skype, which tends to remain active in the background. However, my explanation of why can’t compare to the explanation Fraser gives us in a recent post on his blog. If you want to truly understand multitasking on iOS devices, read his detailed description. He also offers a video of his research into this topic.

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