iPad Tip: Playing Flash Content on Your iPad – These Apps May Help

Written by Andy Brovey

Topics: iPad Tips & Tutorials

I’ve recently received a number of questions on how to play Flash content on the iPad. Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail message I wrote in response to a California company.

These iPad apps are designed to play Flash content on the iPad.  One or more may work with your content. Essentially, these apps transcode the Flash on a remote server, then send the (hopefully) playable content back to your iPad. Lag time can be a challenge though, due to the time needed to convert the Flash content and return it to your device. None guarantees the content you want will play, but worth exploring. You might try:

Skyfire web browser

Photon Flash browser

iSwifter browser

Rover browser

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  1. Luis Perez says:

    Puffin browser is another option. It may have the same lag problems as the others, but the more options the better.

  2. Po Dickison says:

    Thanks for the tip, Luis! I’m going to get 2-4 iPads for my school this year, so the more options I have, the better!!!