Spacebar Gone: Solving The Mystery of the Missing Spacebar on the iPad Keyboard

Written by Andy Brovey

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I received this message today, asking for help with the virtual keyboard on the iPad.The solution is in the message. Here’s the message and the mystery. See if you can figure out why the spacebar is missing from Donna’s keyboard before viewing the answer below.

I get the wrong keyboard in safari. It does not have full keyboard (no
space bar etc). When I touch the globe it does not give me complete
keyboard. Can you help?

You might think it has to to with alternative keyboards or keyboards in other languages. That’s not it.

Donna is correct. Her keyboard doesn’t have a spacebar. Here’s what she is seeing. This may be another clue.

iPad keyboard

Here’s the answer to the missing space bar. You can’t have spaces in URLs (web addresses). So there is no need for the spacebar on the iPad keyboard when typing a web address in Safari. Mystery solved!

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